Internally Displaced Persons (Idps) - Naseer Ahmed Nasir

They leave their homes 
Unwillingly forced 
And follow their fate 
Through fields and trails 
Massifs and woods 
With all their goods 
Love and hate 
Mores and tales 
All in bales 
Carrying their own 
Flesh and bones 
Feet like stones 
Their bodies and souls 
Kids and crones 
Torn by storms, 
Rains and gales 
Attacked by guns, 
Helis and drones 
No role to play 
In games of peace 
And deadly war 
Not a word they say 
But a question, 
Why? What for? 
While we yawn
Sitting at ease
In our climes 
They leave their homes 
And reside in camps 
Strive for a living 
Internally displaced and dead 
Beg for a dropp of water 
And a piece of bread! 

(May 12,2009) 

(*) Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) is a neoteric terminology used in reference to those people who adopt refuge in their own countries due to any life threatening disturbance like fight between the extremists and security agencies or fight between the local millitant groups that results in catastrophic changes in their lives and they leave their homes due to anarchy in their respective area. (NAN) 

Naseer Ahmed Nasir
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