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Notice 공지 인도(India) Tour 파일 3765  
Notice 공지 중국(China) Tour 파일 6110  
23 중국 Three Gorges 三峡 파일
아시아 60  
중국 Three Gorges 三峡 Hubei, China The Yangtze River (Chángjiāng 长江), over 6,300 kilometers long, is the largest and longest river in China, and the third-longest in the world, next o...
22 중국 Qingjiang River 清江 파일
아시아 64  
중국 Qingjiang River 清江 Hubei, China With a total length of 425 kilometers, the Qingjiang River (qīngjiāng 清江) winds its way from west to east through Changyang (chángyáng 长阳) for 148 kil...
21 중국 Xiangxi 湘西 파일
아시아 65  
중국 The Disappearing History Ⅵ Xiangxi 湘西 Hunan, China Xiangxi(湘西) is the abbreviation for Xiangxi Tujia-Miao autonomous Prefecture(湘西土家族苗族自治州)which is located in northwestern Hun...
20 중국 The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River 파일
아시아 67  
중국 The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River Sichuan, China The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River(长江三峡), a world-renowned tourist attraction, start at Baidicheng(白帝城) in Fengjie (奉节) ...
19 중국 East Lake 东湖 파일
아시아 70  
중국 East Lake 东湖 Hubei, China East Lake (dōng hú 东湖), the biggest scenery tourist attraction in Wuhan (wǔ hàn 武汉) and also the largest lake within a city in China, is located on the...
18 중국 Shennongjia 神农架 파일
아시아 76  
중국 Shennongjia 神农架 Hubei, China The Shennongjia (shénnóngjià 神农架) district in remote northwestern Hubei has the wildest scenery in the province. With heavily forested mountains of ...
17 중국 The Xianling Mausoleum 显陵 파일
아시아 84  
중국 The Xianling Mausoleum 显陵 Hubei, China The Xianling Mausoleum (xiǎn líng 显陵) is located in a cypress valley in Songlin Mountain (sōng lín shān 松林山), 7.5 kilometers from Zhongxiang ...
16 중국 Wudang Mountain 武当山 파일
아시아 84  
중국 Wudang Mountain 武当山 Hubei, China Wudang Mountain (wǔ dāng shān 武当山), situated in Shiyan (shí yàn 十堰) City, Hubei Province, China, has been called the No. 1 Celestial Mountain ...
15 중국 Shennong Stream 파일
아시아 92  
중국 Shennong Stream Hubei, China The 60-kilometer tributary of the Yangtze River, rises in the southern part of Shennongjia Natural Reserve and joins the Yangtze at Xirangkou in Hubei's ...
14 중국 Guiyuan Temple 归元寺 파일
아시아 94  
중국 Guiyuan Temple 归元寺 Hubei, China Guiyuan Temple (guī yuán sì 归元寺), which covers an area of 46,900 square meters situated on Cuiwei Street (cuì wēi jiē 翠微街), is one of the four bigg...
13 중국 Jiugong Mountain 九宫山 파일
아시아 95  
중국 Jiugong Mountain 九宫山 Hubei, China Jiugong Mountain (jiǔ gōng shān 九宫山) is located in Tongshan (tōng shān 通山), which is a county within a Municipality of Xianning (xián níng 咸宁...
12 중국 Three Gorges 파일
아시아 97  
중국 Three Gorges Chongqing, China The Yangtze River is famous for its historical sites and enchanting scenic spots. The Three Gorges, the most spectacular section of the Yangtze River, are...
11 중국 Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼 파일
아시아 102  
중국 Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼 Hubei, China Yellow Crane Tower (huáng hè lóu 黄鹤楼) is located on Snake Hill (shé shān 蛇山) in Wuhan (wǔ hàn 武汉), Hubei Province. Enjoying the fame o...
10 중국 Jiangxi Province Travel 파일
아시아 103  
중국 Jiangxi Province Travel Guide Jiangxi, China Jiangxi (jiāng xī 江西), also called "Gan (gàn 赣)" for short, is one of China's inland provinces. It is located in the southeastern part ...
9 중국 Ancient Longzhong 파일
아시아 105  
중국 Ancient Longzhong Xiangcheng 001 County Rd, Xiangyang, Hubei, China Ancient Longzhong (gǔ lóng zhōng 古隆中) is the residence of Zhuge Liang (zhū gě liàng 诸葛亮), an outstanding state...
8 중국 Sanyou Cave 三游洞 파일
아시아 122  
중국 Sanyou Cave 三游洞 Hubei, China Sanyou Cave (sānyóudòng 三游洞) is located 7 kilometers northwest of Yichang (yíchāng 宜昌). It is a giant cave on the north peak of the Xiling Mountain...
7 중국 Travel in Wuhan 파일
아시아 135  
중국 Travel in Wuhan Hubei, China Wuhan (wǔ hàn 武汉), first termed as such in 1927, is the capital of Hubei Province (hú běi shěng 湖北省). With the population of 8,970,000 thousand resi...
6 중국 Anqing 安庆市 파일
아시아 135  
중국 Anqing - The Birthplace of Peking Opera Anhui, China Anqing (ān qìng shì 安庆市), located in the southwest of Anhui Province (ān huī shěng 安徽省), borders Lu'an (liù ān shì 六安...
5 중국 Jiuwan Stream 九畹溪 파일
아시아 148  
중국 Jiuwan Stream 九畹溪 Hubei, China Jiuwan Stream (jiǔwǎnxī 九畹溪) is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡), west of the new county of Zigui (zǐguī 秭归), 20 kilometers aw...
4 중국 Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall 屈原祠 파일
아시아 150  
중국 Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall 屈原祠 Hubei, China Qu Yuan Ancestral Hall (qūyuáncí 屈原祠), also called Qingliegong Ancestral Hall (qīngliègōngcí 清烈公祠), located 1.5 kilometers to Zigui County (...