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Notice 공지 인도(India) Tour 파일 4684  
Notice 공지 중국(China) Tour 파일 7096  
149 인도 Havelock Island 파일
아시아 143  
49. 인도 Havelock Island, India Havelock Island is one of the largest islands of Andaman and Nicobar, spread across an area of about 113.93 square kilometers. A trip to Havelock Island makes f...
148 인도 Agatti Island 파일
아시아 124  
48. Agatti Island Lakshadweep Islands, India It is not only mainland which has some beautiful places in India. If you are prepared to venture off from the mainland, you can expect some del...
147 인도 Majuli 파일
아시아 127  
26. 인도 Majuli Assam, India A quaint little island in the state of Assam is Majuli. Once upon a time, the island was spread across an area of about 1,250 square kilometers. However, the raging ...
146 중국 Jinshan Garden 파일
아시아 193  
중국 Jinshan Garden Jiangsu, China Jinshan Mountain (jīn shān 金山) is located in the northwest Zhenjiang City (zhèn jiāng shì 镇江市), only 3 kilometers away from the city center. In ancien...
145 중국 Weizhou Island 涠洲岛 파일
아시아 150  
중국 Weizhou Island 涠洲岛 Guangxi, China Weizhou Island (wéi zhōu dǎo 涠洲岛) is the biggest as well as the youngest volcanic island. It is located in the southeast of Beihai City (běi hǎi ...
144 중국 Bird Island 鸟岛 파일
아시아 79  
중국 Bird Island 鸟岛 of Qinghai Lake Qinghai, China Bird Island (Niǎo Dǎo 鸟岛) encompasses two islands, one is Haixi Pi (Hǎixī Pí 海西皮)in the east, and in the west is the Haixi S...
143 중국 Xiamen 厦门 파일
아시아 126  
중국 Top Four Scenic Spots in Xiamen Fujian, China Xiamen (xià mén 厦门) is the second largest city in Fujian. Legend has it that egrets once made home there, hence its another name of...
142 중국 Putuo Mountain 普陀山 파일
아시아 115  
중국 Putuo Mountain 普陀山 Zhejiang, China Putuo Mountain (pǔ tuó shān 普陀山) is a small island in Zhoushan Islands (zhōu shān qún dǎo 舟山群岛). It is located in Putuo District (pǔ tuó qū ...
141 중국 Purple Bamboo Garden 파일
아시아 136  
중국 Purple Bamboo Garden Beijing, China Located at the south end of Bai Shi Qiao (bái shí qiáo 白石桥) Road and near the west of the Capital Gymnasium in Hai Dian District, the Purple...
140 중국 Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛 파일
아시아 159  
중국 Wuzhizhou Island 蜈支洲岛 Hainan, China Wuzhizhou Island (wú zhī zhōu dǎo 蜈支洲岛) is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Sanya City (sān yà shì 三亚市). The island is with an irre...
139 중국 Gulangyu Island 파일
아시아 97  
중국 Gulangyu Island Fujian, China Kulangsu (Gǚlàngyǚ 鼓浪屿) , literally "Drum Wave Islet" is a car-free island off the coast of Xiàmén, Fujian Province in southern China, about 2 square kilomete...
138 중국 Shamian Island 沙面岛 파일
아시아 93  
중국 Shamian Island 沙面岛 Guangdong, China Located on the north band of the Pearl River’s (zhū jiāng 珠江) White Goose Pool (bái é tán 白鹅潭), west of Guangzhou City (guǎng zhōu shì 广州...
137 중국 Whampoa Military Academy 黄埔军校 파일
아시아 113  
중국 Historical Site of Whampoa Military Academy 黄埔军校 Guangdong, China Situated on Changzhou Island (cháng zhōu dǎo 长洲岛) offshore from the Whampoa District (huáng pǔ qū 黄浦区) in Guangzh...
136 중국 Haikou City 海口 파일
아시아 149  
중국 Haikou City 海口 Hainan, China Haikou (hǎi kǒu 海口), situated at the north coast of Hainan Island, is the capital city of Hainan Province (hǎi nán shěng 海南省). With an estimated p...
135 중국 Bailuzhou Park 白鹭洲 파일
아시아 110  
중국 Bailuzhou Park 白鹭洲 Fujian, China Bailuzhou (Báilùzhōu 白鹭洲) Park goddess sculpture is a symbol of the Island and also the quality of urban sculpture in Xiamen. The goddess beautiful posture...
134 중국 Qingdao 青岛 Switzerland of the Orient 파일
아시아 95  
중국 Qingdao 青岛 Switzerland of the Orient Shandong, China Qingdao (qīng dǎo 青岛), also known in the West by its postal map spelling Tsingtao, is a major city in eastern Shandong provin...
133 중국 Jiaoshan Mountain 焦山 파일
아시아 90  
중국 Jiaoshan Mountain 焦山 Jiangsu, China Jiaoshan Mountain (jiāo shān 焦山), located in the northwest of Zhenjiang City (zhèn jiāng shì 镇江市), is famous for its quietness and primitive simpli...
132 중국 Aberdeen 香港仔 파일
아시아 88  
중국 Aberdeen 香港仔 Hongkong, China Aberdeen bayAberdeen (香港仔 xiāng gǎng zǎi ) is an area at the south shore of the Hong Kong Island of Hong Kong. It is part of the Southern Dist...
131 중국 Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛 파일
아시아 219  
중국 Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛 : The Only City in China Named after an Emperor Hebei, China Qinhuangdao (qín huáng dǎo 秦皇岛) lies in the northeastern part of Hebei (hé běi 河北) Province, ...