03Ciqikou Ancient Town.jpg
중국 Ciqikou Ancient Town 磁器口
Chongqing, China

Situated on the bank of the Jialing River (jiā líng jiāng 嘉陵江), not far from its confluence with the mighty Yangtze River (yáng zǐ jiāng 扬子江), is the ancient village of Ciqikou (cí qì kǒu 磁器口), formerly known as Long Yin (lóng yǐn 龙隐). People always said "One flagtone road, and one thousand years' Ciqikou". It was named as it had supplied large sum of chinaware dating during Qing (qīng 清) and Ming (míng 明) dynasties. It was a busy dock before, which located at the lower reaches of Jialing River. After a thousand years, the town now remains as a symbol and miniature of past Chongqing. 


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